Top Ten Favorite Eagles Games Ever

[editor's note, by BleedGreen] Promoted from diaries. In the offseason, I can't get enough of this stuff...

Dave in San Mateo inspired this one when he mentioned "Westbrook's game winning kick-off return against the celebrating Giants is one of my all time favorite Eagle moments."

I'm bored, so I thought just for my own amusement I'd try to rank my top ten favorite Eagles games.

Plus, it always helps to remember the good times.

What're yours?

  1. 2005 NFC Championship vs. Atlanta.  Even though they lost the next game, it was still awesome to finally see them get over their NFC Championship draught.  I was jumping up and down on my couch like a maniac.
  2. October 2006 vs. Dallas.  "INTERCEPTED INTERCEPTED INTERCEPTED!!! RUNNING WITH THE FOOTBALL!!! IT'S LITO SHEPPARD!!!"  What a great, down-to-the wire game it was, ending in stunning, uplifting fashion.  And by the way, TO was a total non-factor. Awesome. Instant classic.
  3. October 2001 vs. New York Giants.  Eagles break a nine-game losing streak vs. the Giants, winning 10-9 on a late McNabb TD pass to James Thrash.  As the score implies, the defense was key to this win.  I watched this at a bar, and the place just went nuts.  Absolutely nuts.
  4. 4th and 1 x 2 -- vs. Dallas 1995 Season.  Emmitt's stopped on 4th and 1, but the refs ruled that the play didn't go off before the 2 minute warning.  Dallas runs the same play,  "THEY STOPPED HIM AGAIN!...IT'S GROUNDHOG DAY!"  Let's face it though, this one's from back in the dark days where if the Eagles beat Dallas it was a miracle that made or broke the season.  
  5. Superbowl 39.  The Eagles lost, but I enjoyed every second of the hype leading up to it so much that I have to list it.  
  6. Miracle at the Meadowland II.  Uh-oh, the Eagles are 2-3, and losing to the Giants with only seconds remaining.  But there goes Brian Westbrook with a game-winning punt-return TD.  Season saved.
  7. Opening game of the 2000 season, in Dallas.  The pickle juice game.  The onside kick.  Duce running wild.  Although the Reid era began in 1999, I always felt like this was really where the  tide began to turn.  If the Eagles took control of the NFC East in 2001 by beating the Giants, they began the process here in Dallas.  The Cowboys wouldn't beat the Eagles that season, or the next two, by the way.  Sweet.
  8. December 7, 2003.  Eagles vs. Cowboys at the Linc.  Control of the NFC East is up for grabs late in the season.  10-10 at halftime, Eagles roll in the 2nd half to win 36-10.  I was at this game, which is why it's on the list.  
  9. Opening game, 2004.  Smacking the Giants around, TO has 3 TDs.  Jerome McDougle destroys Eli Manning.  I was also at this one, and the combination of great weather and great win make this one the best time I've ever had at a game.
  10.  4th & 26.  The results of the next week cheapens this, but come on.  It was amazing.
Honorable Mentions

Fog Bowl, December 31 1988.  I watched the Eagles prior to '88, but this is the earliest game I really distinctly remember.  

Willis-Vincent interception

Randal & Carl Banks

Reid's first win, 1999, beating the Cowboys in Dallas with Doug Pedersen at QB

December 30, 2001 vs. Giants.  Eagles win NFC East for the first time in the Modern Era.  David Akers kicks an apparently game winning FG, but the Giants give us a hear attack on a trick play.  Damon Moore knocks Ron Dixon out at the 1-yard line, only the roar of the crowd telling him that he'd been successful.  This'd probably have made my list, but I missed it on my honeymoon, and had to "watch" it via ESPN's bottom line since the hotel didn't get FOX.
4th & 26

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